Raj-esque ~ Josée Paquin

March 21st, 2014 Blog 0

I have always loved Josée Paquin’s designs and now that we got to collaborate together I’m more then thrilled ! Super excited and happy about it actually!

I got to connect with Josée designwise but also getting to know her I have to tell you that she is so sweet, dedicated and just plain awesome!

This sweater is perfect. The stitch pattern really does give endless color possiblities without being too busy.

Josée names her pattern after different fictional characters she feels would wear the garments she designs. Seing that it was called Raj-esque I knew that it was refering to my favorite TV show of the moment (probably of all time..!) The Big Bang Theory.

It is SO true that this sweater feels like something Raj would wear and we all know he has an incredible sense of style !

So many possibilities when it comes to color choices! (This pattern could also be worked in one color and still look stunning!)

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