Nightshift – Nurtured

February 18th, 2020 Blog 2

We have been getting a lot of questions about our Nightshift sample in Nurtured.

Since a few modifications were made on our sample we thought it would useful to have all the information detailed to make it easier for anyone who would like to make one as well.

The shawl is bigger than the original. We used in a total of 11 skeins in the following colors:

2x – Naturel 
2x – Miel 
Fonte (or Galaxie)   

We used Andrea’s ‘recipe’ explained on page 5 of the pattern to change the background color (MC) when we reached the end of the skein. There were no modifications in the stripe pattern. 

The sequence was decided randomly and it goes as follows:

– MC 1: Confort 
CC1: Antlers
CC2: Fonte
CC3: Tisane
CC4: Miel

– Changed to MC2 – Fonte
CC1: Miel
CC2: Antlers

– Changed to MC3 – Tisane
CC 1: Picnic
CC 2: Dew

– Changed to MC 4 – Miel
CC 1: Dew
CC 2: Picnic

– Changed to MC5 – Antlers
CC 1: Picnic
CC 2: Courtepointe

– Changed to MC6: Natural
CC 1: Courtepointe
CC 2: Miel

– Changed to MC7: Courtepointe
CC 1: Miel

A special thank you to Espace Tricot‘s team for the beautiful pictures! 

Happy knitting!

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