J’aime mieux les bonbons

September 28th, 2020 Blog 0

We teamed up with the talented Yvette Noël to release the beautiful “J’aime mieux les bonbons” Hat & Mittens set in Leizu DK.

Yvette grew up in Northern Ontario, in a small town called Kapuskasing where the winters were long and the summers short. Her mom taught her how to knit when she was seven years old.

She picked up knitting again when she was expecting her first child. Since her birds have left the nest, and retirement is near, she has more time to pursue her passion.

About Yvette’s inspiration for this design:

When Julie Asselin approached me with her idea for a collection based on La Guerre des Tuques, the first thing that came to mind was the reply by Leroux “J’aime mieux les bonbons” (I prefer candies).

Leroux asks Ti-Jean: “How come Luc does not give us candy for fighting with him?” Ti-Jean replies: “Us, we don’t need candy we fight for honour.” Leroux replies: “I prefer candies”.

I don’t know why that phrase stuck in my head but whenever someone asks me to do something for honour, the first thought that comes to my head is always “’I prefer candies” or in French “J’aime mieux les bonbons”.

So I had to create a design based on my favorite candy; jumbo twisted liquorice!

Pattern available in English and French on Ravely.

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