A Passion For Colorwork

May 20th, 2021 Blog 0

From all knitting techniques, colorwork is definitely one of my favorites. It’s hard to beat the excitement to create designs and motifs as you knit your fabric and see your project grow.

When we develop new palettes, we always have colorwork in mind. It’s important for us that the colors coordinate and can that they can complement each other on beautiful color schemes. Mélange N.1 and Journey Sport are great examples of that.

We made a selection of colorwork designs to give you inspiration and ideas for your next cast-on.

We feel very fortunate to collaborate with talented designers that create so many beautiful patterns using our yarns. I hope you enjoy it! What is your favorite colorwork pattern? Let us know in the comments 😉

Oaknut Sweater

Oaknut by AbbyeKnits is a colorwork yoke knit in the round from the top down.

The beautiful colors and motif give it a fun vintage feel. Abbye used Leizu Fingering in Birch & Renard for her sample.

Love & Unison

Love & Unison by Knitting Expat Designs, this is a motif that has been inherited and inspired by East Asian cultures and is most commonly known as Ying-Yang!

This is a great beginner motif as the graphic design makes it very easy to spot errors! Mina used Leizu Fingering for this sample.


Upplega by Elly Fales, originally published on Laine Magazine Issue 9, this beautiful pair of socks knitted in Nomade were inspired the snow-covered trees and mountains that surround Elly during winter.


CQ by Alicia Plummer is knit seamlessly in the round completely in slipstitch. The short sleeve version is worked up in Mélange N.1 + Portfiber & Goosey Fibers.

Did you know that historically, CQ was an open invitation over the HAM radio airwaves to speak with someone, anyone who was listening? A call for one to reach across differences and meet, in community, over the airwaves.

Dissent Pullover

Dissent by Andrea Rangel is a beautiful pullover that comes with several versions to mix and match, including different sleeve and body lengths. Andrea was thinking of persistent women as she knit all three samples.

The cropped version of the sweater is worked up in Nurtured Fine, c. Miel & Naturel + Anatolia, c. Ale & Birch.

Fetter Cowl

Fetter by Knitting Expat Designs is inspired by triangular rug motifs symbolizing the devotion of lovers and the hope that they should always stay together!

This is a perfect first-time colourwork knit as it’s a small repeat and very
graphic motif making it very easy to spot any errors quickly! Mina used Douillet, our bulky weight-yarn for her sample.

Artist’s Journey

Worked up in Journey Sport, Artist’s Journey by Annie Lupton features a variety of different colorwork patterns alternating with a simple cable design.
It is fun to knit and sure to keep your interest as you work your way through the different stitch patterns, it’s like a journey of stitches!

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Happy stitching!

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