As we launch our first pattern collection, I’ll share short interviews with the three designers who created wonderful garments with Nurtured, our yarn produced with our friends at Green Mountain Spinnery. 

Today, let’s learn a bit more about Glenna C. 


>When did you start knitting and later on design? 

I started knitting in 2004, and designing in 2005. I quickly became interested in creating my own patterns so that I could knit exactly what I wanted! And it was a great creative outlet while I was studying for my PhD. 


>First thing you ever knit? 

A small baby blanket that was a gift for a friend. It was a simple basketweave pattern, and I knitted it with Patons yarn from Lewiscraft! (that’s a very dated sentence). 


>What is the knit you have kept for the longest time? 

I knitted a sweater from a kit from Philosopher’s Wool in my 2nd or 3rd year of knitting. I dont’ wear it any more but I still keep it because it was my first real effort at colour-work and I loved knitting with the wool.  


>Favorite type of garment to knit? Go to stitch pattern? 

Cables are always my favourite stitch pattern – cables of any kind! And cardigan sweaters are absolutely my favourite garment. My big regret is that in this current year I haven’t finished any sweaters. That’s going to change for the 2016-2017 season, for sure! 


>Black of brown? 



>Metal or wood? 

Wood! Except for my knitting needles, then I prefer metal. 😉 


>Knitting gadget you cant live without? 

Tape measure! I have so many in case one gets lost. 


>What other hobby do you have? 

Cooking and baking are my main other hobbies, and also reading. I try to finish a book each week.  


>What was your inspiration for this design

I was thinking about the classic mid-20th Century knits and how timeless they were, the sort of things a lady would wear with a neat blouse and slacks, in rustic wool. A bit of 1950s inspiration!

Thank you so much Glenna for joining us; we just love watching you do magic with cable stitches! You can follow Glenna’s knitting adventures on her website, Twitter and IG.