Last winter, I met Annick Gaudreault, a Montreal-based illustrator, through a common friend.

I fell in love with Annick’s artwork.

She decorates shop windows, paints murals, and shares her creativity through calendars, notebooks, and decorative prints.

Jean-François and I happen to collect screen prints – on paper, but also on t-shirts. JF actually is quite good at screen printing himself, it is one of his favorite crafts.

As usual, we had AN IDEA.

We asked Annick to work with us to design a t-shirt that would appeal to yarnies, while also appealing to a wider crowd.

What could have sounded like an impossible task ended in these wonderful Yarn! T-shirts that appeared in our Etsy shop a few weeks ago.

It is very dear to our heart that all effort be made for our products to be the best they can be.

We are very happy to be working with a canadian company that not only sews our tshirts but also produce the fabric,it was really fun to work with them on colors and fit to bring to life exactly what we had in mind.

So, they are drawn in montreal by Annick, sewn by some lovely folks in Toronto and printed in Coaticook by Jean-Francois, voilà!

Yarn! IG

We’re happy with the result, a t-shirt with a vintage vibe, wearable, comfortable. Just like yarn 😉