Feature KnitStars

Jean-Francois and I are always eager to learn new things.

We’re big fans of all ‘How It’s Made’ videos, encyclopedias, ‘how to’ books and just plain hands-on learning.

It translate in the work we do in us always wanting to know what does what for what reason, how it affects the yarns and colors we produce and how in the end it plays into the textiles you (and us of course! ) get to create.

In that line of thought we are happy to be part of an online knitting conference that will be held this coming fall.

We, along with 7 other knowledgeable fiber enthusiasts, are preparing classes where you will learn great tips, tricks, and techniques that will take your knitting to the next level or maybe make you see things with a different eye, want to explore new territories .

We are happy to immerse you in our world of everything fiber and are putting all we have into giving you a great class.

Here are some topics that Jean-Francois and I will get to discuss with you:

.Different fibers,do they mean different results?

.Superwash or not, how does it matter?

.Woolen spun or worsted spun, what is the difference, how does it affect gauge and structure?

.Yarn construction : 1, 2, 3, 4+ plies, chainette or cabled yarns etc.: Why I should take this into consideration next time I choose a yarn for a project.

.Colors, how we see them and how it gives a different meaning and perspective to our favorite knits (and not so favorite and why!)

.Stitch patterns and their relations to different hand dyed methods, help to avoid pooling, smooth lines from different dye lots.

.Tips on working with hand dyed yarns, to alternate or not to alternate, that is the perpetual question!

.What to look for in a skein of yarn to know what to expect once knit up.

.The skein of yarn you bought is bleeding when washing, we will show you how to easily reset it at home.

We love the other people who will be teaching and we know that they have a great plan for their classes as well. If you have tried online classes and like the easy access, always available material they provide, this is for you. If you have never tried it, now is your chance to do so! 😉

Want to take part in the Knitstars Summit? All the infos you need are right here.

For a few more days you still have access to a special price and early registry perks.

Happy knitting everyone and see you in October!

Julie and Jean-François